Nov 6, 2010

CycleStyle Spring/Summer

Model: Marianne from Esme and the Laneway
Accessories: CycleStyle
Bike: Papillionaire
Clothes: Marianne

So I have relocated cities, I am now in Canberra. There is nothing familiar in a new place, only your skin and your possessions. It is easy to feel alienated by everyone and everything: the water tastes like asparagus, the clouds are shaped weird, the tar on the roads is a funny colour. EVERYTHING is different, and I am supposed to find a home, and live here, amongst these strange people. Hopefully next post, I have a home, and I will probably sound much more enthusiastic ☺


p.s. Before anyway says anything, there is nothing weird about a bike on the beach. She could have rode there for a picnic, or to look at the ocean and think about stuff!


  1. Beautiful! As always!

    I really believe one of the strongest things about your photography is your eye for composition. They are all so harmoniously balanced, just stunning.

    I hope you find your feet in Canberra soon

    Gaby xo

  2. Thanks Gabby (the photos from our shoot are looking wicked!)

  3. These are beautiful, the light is so pale and lush. Would you mind sharing the camera setup you used?

    I just moved to Boston MA from Seattle WA in the US, with the same feelings. But its ok, it won't take long for our people to find us.



  4. Hey Gavin, I used a Nikon D200 and 35mm f2.


  5. oh, an I used a circular polarizer to get the deep blue skys and strong colours.

  6. Amazing photos.

    But Canberra?? Why?? Work I would assume..

  7. hold in there Jono the first month or so is hell but it will get better after that.

    whf? a bike on the beach. hahaha sorry I cant help it if my brain is too logical

  8. Beautiful photos! I am a friend of Marianne's - she is such a great girl and you photographed her beautifully - love the light. BTW - I lived in Canberra for about 10 years so know it well. My advice (and you don't know me from Adam, so just ignore at your leisure!) is to get involved in some kind of club - photography, sporting, drama - whatever. Canberra can be a bit cliquey (b/c of Public Service) so you need to hunt out the 'alternative/interesting crowd' (Ainslie, Narrabundah, Gorman House markets etc). The opps for photos there are great though - Brindabella mountains are gorgeous and in Autumn the trees are sublime. All the best with it! Maria, Vintage Suburbia

  9. These photographs are stunning
    I love how you capture the movement of the surroundings against the stillness of her
    They're very powerful
    Enjoy exploring the exciting new place you've found yourself in, I'm sure with each day it'll feel more like home

  10. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your pictures! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,

  11. these photographs are amazing! your blog is so lovely, just wanted to say hello :)

    - the runaway

  12. Thanks for you wonderful work again Jono, and good luck with your move.

  13. This has to be my favourite shoot of all time!

  14. I like how you tell a story with your work. Often photographers take great pictures but leave off an explanation of what else may have happened. just found you.

  15. These are awesome. Really gorgeous. work.

  16. Great pictures. Especially number 2 and 4 with this beautifull dress! A good vision of australian way of life


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